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2002. We have succeeded in commercializing an antiviral and antibacterial agent that exerts a reliable effect against viruses and spore-forming bacteria that could not be inactivated or sterilized without using chlorine or strong chemical substances. did. The first generation (1G) product is A・SAP. In 2003, the People's Liberation Army Microbiology Research Institute confirmed the inactivation effect against the SARS virus. The extremely safe antiviral and antibacterial agent A・SAP is a product that combines amino acids as the main ingredient, ingredients of cosmetic standards and highly functional purified water, and also has a strong deodorant effect. However, A・SAP contains 3% alcohol, and the main theme of development was to eliminate this alcohol. If an alcohol-free disinfectant is completed, it will be the world's first worldwide disinfectant that can be safely used in countries where alcohol is avoided.




​G Two Tam Alpha Plus

G2TAMα Plus

Through joint research with Professor Koichi Otsuki of Tottori University, a leading avian influenza virus researcher, we have released the second-generation (2G) antiviral and antibacterial agent G2TAMα Plus, which reduces alcohol to 2.7%.



Amino Area Earl

​Amino Area®-R

Based on G2TAMα Plus, with the cooperation of Professor Otsuki, we succeeded in further reducing the amount of alcohol (1.3%) in 2016, and further improved the stability of the third generation (3G) Amino Area-R. is. Amino Area-R successfully inactivated the MERS virus and was officially adopted as a disinfectant at the G7 Ise-Shima Summit held in Ise-Shima, Mie Prefecture in 2016.




amino area neo

Amino Area® neo

In 2020, we launched Amino Area neo, a fourth-generation (4G) antiviral and antibacterial agent that does not contain any alcohol and is effective against tuberculosis. It is a masterpiece 18 years after the birth of the first generation A・SAP.

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