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Various virus inactivation challenges

In recent years, bird flu viruses have been occurring all over the world. Avian influenza outbreaks cause great damage not only to the affected farms but also to the poultry industry as a whole.

Unraveling the routes by which avian influenza viruses are brought into poultry houses, there are many cases where humans attach the virus to their footwear or clothes and bring it in. The challenge to inactivate has begun.


In 2004, when avian influenza broke out in Japan, Koichi Otsuki, professor emeritus at Tottori University and a leading researcher in avian influenza virus research, took the lead as an expert in research and measures to prevent the spread of infection. We started joint research in 2006 with the cooperation of Mr. Tottori and Tottori Prefecture.


In joint research, we confirmed the inactivation of various viruses and bacteria such as avian influenza virus for antiviral and antibacterial agents, accumulated evidence, and proceeded with commercialization while receiving advice on more effective composition of ingredients. I was.


​ Representative Atsuko Tomita and Professor Emeritus Otsuki

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