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Amino Area neo

alcohol free

​Amino Area Virus Guard

For sterilization of alcohol checkers

Antiviral/antibacterial agent

Sanitizing liquid for alcohol checkers

​Alcohol-free amino acid-based antiviral/antibacterial agent


10 years

Quality maintenance

alcohol free

amino acid

​principal component

7 days

Lasting effect

Prevent troubles in disinfecting the alcohol checker​.

Accurate measurement of breath alcohol

Does not affect sensor accuracy or durability

Trouble with alcohol detector disinfection

Reacts to alcohol in the surrounding atmosphere and around the measurer even when not drinking


If you react to high concentrations of alcohol, it takes a long time to return to normal


High-concentration alcohol and hypochlorous acid disinfectant affect sensor durability and accuracy



refill spray

300mL container

​ (empty container)

refill push pump

300mL container

​ (empty container)

how to use

Please refill this product (Amino Area Virus Guard 2L) into the included refill bottle.


Can be sprayed directly onto straws, filters, etc.Make sure that the liquid adheres to every corner.


Spraying directly on the equipment may cause malfunction. Be sure to impregnate a non-woven fabric with the liquid before wiping it off.

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