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Amino Area neo

Antiviral/antibacterial agent
​ Whole body spraying device

At the entrance of offices, factories and facilities

three of defense


Developed by a specialized manufacturer of antiviral and antibacterial agents

Lightweight for Amino area neo

Compact type sprayer

amino area neo

Removes and barriers viruses attached to clothes and belongings

Equipment structure


Standard equipment

《Three of Defense Mini》

​ Dedicated water absorption/dust removal/foot wipe mat

《How to use panel》

​Size: A3

Size: W1,200×H800mm

Material: roof pile

​ Color: Charcoal


Product name:・・・・ Lightweight compact type whole body spray device Three of Defense mini

Model number・・・・ SF-1M-S off-white

Size・・・・  W358 x D354 x H1,400mm

Weight・・・・  36 kg (body) Discharge pressure ・・・・ 3.5Mpa(Max)

Dispensing volume・・・・  about 4ml/sec to 40ml/10sec (The pump sprays about 4 ml with 1 second operation. Pump operating time can be set between 1 and 10 seconds. standard setting 8ml/2sec)

Pump・・・・ Differential uniflow

Power supply・・・・  Single-phase 100V 

Operation switch・・・・ Non-contact sensor (right side of main unit)

Injection nozzle・・・・ 4

Mist particle size・・・・20~30㎛

Power consumption・・・・  250W Electricity bill: 0.012 yen for 2 seconds of operation

shoe sole sanitizer

amino area sole

At the entrance of offices, factories and facilities


Alcohol-free amino acid system

Antiviral and antibacterial agent Amino Area neo

​Antiviral antibacterial agent exclusively for disinfecting shoe soles developed based on technology

aqueous solution

10x to 40x

​dilution type

By combining antiviral/antibacterial agents and shoe sole mats

​ Prevents viruses and bacteria from entering from the entrance.

How to use







Dilute Amino Eriasole

Dilution ratio is 10 times to 40 times

Put the diluted solution in 1 into a watering can and apply it to the entire mat.

400mL to 500mL of diluted solution per square meter of mat area.

One 2L bottle of Amino Area Sole can be used for approximately 7,000 to 28,000 people. * Decrease in antiviral solution due to evaporation is not taken into account.

Amino area sole recommended mat

Dedicated to sterilizing shoe soles

Sprout mat

Dilute Amino Eriasol

Dilution ratio is 10 times to 40 times

Shoe sole disinfectant amino area sole

Mat with impregnation tray

Matt 3-layer structure

mesh mat

The role of penetrating the amino area sole to the sole of the shoe. Evaporation of the liquid is delayed due to the high vertical penetration effect of the liquid.

sanitizer tray

A tray for soaking Amino Area Sole.Capacity is about 1L.

base mat

It has a design and does not spoil the image of the entrance of the facility.

The voluminous material also provides cushioning for your feet.

How to use Amino Area sole x Sprout Mat



​Set the antibacterial agent tray in the cutout area of the base mat.



Dilute Amino Eriasole 10 to 40 times according to the application. * 975 ml of water for 25 ml of undiluted solution with a measuring cup.



Pour the diluted Amino Airsol into the antimicrobial tray.



Set the mesh mat on the antibacterial agent tray.

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