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  • QCan it be used in a humidifier or space sterilization device?
    A It cannot be used for equipment that sprays for a long time.  Confirmed, but it is not supposed to be inhaled for a long time.
  • QCan it be used in a closed room?
    A When using a large amount, please use with good ventilation.
  • QCan it be used for hot carpets?
    A Don't use it as it may cause an accident or electric leakage.
  • QCan it be used to disinfect hands and fingers?
    A This product is not a quasi-drug, so it is not included in the intended use.It has been confirmed in various tests that it does not cause allergic reactions.
  • QCan it be used as a fungicide?
    A It does not remove mold that has already occurred. By spraying after removing the mold  It can prevent the growth of mold.
  • Q Can it be used for textile products with a dry cleaning mark?
    A It can be used for textiles other than textiles that are vulnerable to water (silk, rayon, acetate, etc.), but depending on the material  Because there is a risk of deterioration, please check in an inconspicuous place before using.
  • Q How long can I expect the sterilization effect?
    A. We conducted sterilization and antibacterial tests against all kinds of microorganisms at fair testing institutions such as the Japan Food Research Laboratories and university research institutes.It has been confirmed to have high antiviral and antibacterial effects. *1 Not all viruses and bacteria are removed.
  • QCan it be used to disinfect dishes and cutting boards?
    A It can be used to disinfect and deodorize dishes and cutting boards, but please wash it off so that no liquid remains.
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